Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Facebook Friday! Our First Giveaway!

Hi readers!

A happy, happy Friday to you.

The Bitch Stopped Cooking is happy to announce we are having...

...our very first giveaway!!

We're giving away one of our awesome aprons or dishtowels (your choice) to one lucky person when we reach 400 facebook fans!

Click this link to go to our facebook page. Then become a fan of us. A huge fan of us.

Then all you have to do is leave a comment on our status.

Tell us your favorite food.

Tell us why men should do the cooking.

Or why they shouldn't.

Tell us how you order your steak.

Tell us how you order your tofu.

Or just say hi.

Once we have 400 fans, we'll randomly pick a winner from the comments.

If you're already our facebook friend, as 344 of you are, you can enter the giveaway too! Just recommend a friend or two (the facebook elves are watching you) and leave a comment.

Good luck and happy weekend!


  1. Hi, I THINK it was you who just commented on my blog about the Peach Pecan Slaw? There was no email address or website, just the name and it brought me here. So if it is you - then I would just add celery instead of celery seed, then you will have the crunch. That is what I will do next time. Plus, this really doesn't NEED crunch factor. It was really delicious. Remeber to add the dressing right before serving otherwise it gets soggy. It still tasted good the next day, it just didn't LOOK as appetizing. And if I am talking to the wrong person - well, you'll just have to check out my blog to figure out what I am talking about!!

  2. Nearly 400- congrats!! I just love your blog, im onspired- I should be makin dinner but guess who is NOT cooking!!

  3. haha i love your whole take on culinary liberation for the modern woman. sounds like me. thank you for your comment and i am glad i found your blog!

  4. Oh gosh, I can't wait to read your blog. The title alone made me fall in love...

  5. I stopped cooking and my husband does it ALL now...well 90%.

    It's great.

  6. Thanks for the visit to my blog... I grinned when I saw your name... though I have to say that my sweet man does most of the cooking since he gets home first. He also is a tidy guy, so I'm pretty spoiled. Notice I said "tidy", and not clean though...I still get the heavy duty stuff!

  7. Happy to oblige. Congrats on almost hitting 400, that's a big deal! And thank you for stopping by my blog. It's great to "meet" you and I look forward to sharing more posts with you! Have a great rest of the weekend.

  8. Well, I am 352. But I am trying! :)

  9. I am #367! Love this site from title to tail :)

    I love to cook, but I'm a moody and creativity-inspired cook. Recipes are jumping off points for me, I've only recently started to write mine down.

    I do think men should cook--but not all the time. Just as I don't think women should HAVE TO ALL THE TIME.

    The male in my house is my 7 year old; he's already learning from me. Both of my brothers are fantastic cooks. Plus--I told my son Ladies Love a Man Who Can Cook!

    I'm following you on GFC too; stop by my site & follow back!

    The Moxie Bee


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