Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ten-Question Impromptu Manterview

This is an interview that took place in the living room of one of the bitches tonight, as an attempt to gather information on modern views of men and women in the kitchen.

Maria: Do you like to cook?

Dan: I don’t mind it. It’s kind of fun.

M: What about cooking do you like?

D: Eating it. And…. Um…. Flipping everything at the right time.

M: What about cooking do you hate?

D: Having to wait to eat.

M: Don’t you have to wait to eat when I cook?

D: It’s different. When you’re not doing it you’re not paying attention to how long it takes.

M: Because you're busy doing something else?

D: Yeah. Like right now. I'm busy doing something else.

M: What is your favorite thing that I make?

D: Mustard-crusted chicken. (He's totally right. Check it out here. No, I won't come make it for you.)

M: What is your favorite thing to make?

D: Frozen pizza

M: Do you think women belong in the kitchen?

D: No, they belong in the bedroom. No! Don’t write that! Your parents read this.

M: Do you think I can handle the grill?

D: No. (laughs). You’re too scared of the heat. And you don’t like anything done quickly. Your hands would get too hot.

M: Will you make me a margarita?

D: That would involve me going into the kitchen.

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