Saturday, August 7, 2010

It Might Be Time to Stop Cooking...

We will have a long, gorgeous post for you in the next couple days documenting our baking for Sophie's Sale. Until then, something to make you laugh.

You might need to stop cooking if...

You know dinner is ready when you hear the smoke alarm

Your dog goes to the neighbors' to eat.

The EPA requires that all your garbage cans be marked with large bright red biohazard symbols.

When you grill two of your kids hold water guns and the third has the phone with 911 on speed-dial.

The smoke alarm beeps if you even walk near the stove.

Your homemade bread loaf can be used as a door stop.

Your apple pie bubbled over and ate the enamel off the bottom of the oven.

You've used three boxes of scouring pads, a bottle of Palmolive and a crowbar, but that macaroni and cheese still won't let go of the pan.

You look in a cookbook to find out how to boil water.

Have a happy, safe, and fun weekend!


  1. What fun! This is my first visit here. It will not be my last. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  2. Funny, but personally I do not understand why they place those darn fire alarms right above the stove. A little cheese drips of pizza and the sucker goes off. Or maybe I should just use it as excuse and stop cooking? In my previous small appt I could not even boil water without the alarm going off, so annoying.

    P.S. I do kinda understand why it is "near the kitchen (fire hazard)" and not on the other side of the house.

  3. Thanks, Mary, glad you enjoyed it! We love blogging and trying to make cooking fun.

    polwig, we agree!!! My husband and I lived in a house without a fan in the kitchen and our smoke alarm went off all the time. Thank goodness it had a silencer button.



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